What We Do

Namaste Logic improves performance.

• Program evaluation, analysis, and goal setting
• Education and training evaluation & design
• Remediation programs
• Individual and team performance assessment
• Team dynamics training
• Leadership coaching and training
• Cultural diversity and inclusion experiences
• Culturally-competent communication programs

How We Improve Performance

Root cause analysis

We have more than 15 years of experience applying project management tools and analytics to training, education, and performance. In fact, it’s one of the factors that sets us apart in the training and education industry. We understand education & training outcome analytics, customer service standards, process improvement, and how to identify the true root of a problem or new opportunity.

Program evaluation

Our experts offer review or design of psychometrically-valid testing tools that are tied to outcomes that are important to you. Our team will review or design measurements, experiences, simulations, and test bank items that measure learning and application of concepts. Our goal is the development of expertise, not short-term retention.

Individual and team performance assessment

Performance improvement by Namaste LogicA key component of root cause analysis is identifying individuals and teams who have encountered barriers to reaching the next level of performance. We assess environmental, behavioral, and educational factors — and we won’t ask you to complete an unending array of personality tests. Identifying the causes of inconsistent or under-performance in professionals and teams is our comfort zone. We bring fresh eyes and a no-nonsense approach that allows us to advocate and for the success of the individual or group, while employing proprietary behavioral and educational techniques that quickly break past barriers and offer tools that work on day 1. Our processes are so effective, they’ve been used at top institutions and in military training programs.

Education and training evaluation & Design

Whether you want to identify areas of your training or curriculum that can be modified to enhance learner engagement and retention of information, or you need a new program designed, we have a unique offering of tools, experts and experience. From gamification of learning, asynchronous learning, experiential learning, to physical and virtual simulation- we have experts who represent the cutting edge of research, application and technology platforms, and the real-world experience of deploying these tools in environments like yours. We begin with readiness to learn, consider environmental factors that are often ignored (yet can cause training to miss the mark), and consider the real-world outcomes of each program we design.

Training your educators

We offer a suite of programs in faculty development and educator training that are formulated on experiential learning, gamification, simulation and debriefing. Our techniques were developed in the military and aerospace industries and are proven to engage learners, develop critical thinking, and improve retention. We find that clients particularly appreciate our combination of experiential learning and debriefing courses. This is particularly helpful where educators continue to be the “Sage on the Stage” instead of the “Guide on the Side” — in an era where learners prefer to be self-directed, challenged and engaged. If your educators are doing all the telling, you know you’ve got a case of Sage on the Stage. This can be further confirmed if PowerPoint and role play are used as two primary teaching tools. We can help. Let us bring a fresh perspective and a suite of tools that will transform the education you provide. Our faculty development clients include universities, corporations, and hospitals systems. Basically, anywhere people are learning – these techniques can be employed.

Remediation programs

Our unique program of individual assessment and remediation has been successfully used in high-stakes programs including medical and clinical education programs, universities, and by military programs. A key feature of our program is holistic assessment addressing the person, environment, culture, motivation, and learning needs. We’ve helped retain high-value students and learners in programs where they once again thrive, interact productively with team members, and return to a consistent level of high performance.

Team dynamics training

If you have a team with communication, compassion, or cultural competence issues, or your team is experiencing fatigue and low motivation; we have energizing programs that improve understanding, inclusiveness, communication, engagement, and mutual compassion. Our programs have been successfully deployed and maintained by hospitals, not-for-profit organizations, and in the private sector. We focus on creating an environment of safety, setting a solid foundation of skills, achieving mutual goals, and ultimately transferring the knowledge and philosophy to you. We won’t devise a program that requires unending consulting for success. We win when you to continue to enjoy success with our techniques years after deploying the program.

Leadership coaching and training

Our coaching program employs a person-centered, goal-oriented, behaviorally-based methodology to support the achievement of leadership success.  We are here, as Namaste Logic, after more than 25 years of working with businesses, individuals and teams to develop and achieve new levels of performance. We are leaders, coaches, mentors and sponsors in our organization and in others, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Society for Simulation – And we are proud to share this experience with our clients.

Medical Improvisation (Improv)

We do medical improv a little differently. We know that medical improv is a hot topic in the marketplace, and we do provide industry-standard courses for medical professionals that improve personal communication, increase engagement and reduce burnout. We also provide a unique improvisational learning environment using trained actors who embody difficult situations, fluidly reacting to you and the developing scenario. This allows us to provide one-on-one or group training in empathy, communication, delivering bad news, handling flirtatious or physically aggressive patients, managing lateral violence, and empathetically managing patient contact resources, such as time. Our program is one-of-a-kind in the medical arena.

Cultural diversity and inclusion experiences

We’re serious about experiences. We don’t teach cultural diversity and competence so much as bring the experience to you and your staff through a program of experiential learning and simulation — proven techniques used in healthcare and the military. Namaste Logic offers a first-of-its-kind, award-winning program that employs theater techniques, actors, and simulation in a safe setting, allowing your staff to experience customers, environments, and each other in groundbreaking ways. We work closely with our clients to understand the challenges faced internally and in client-facing activities and to ensure that our program meets cultural competence and communication goals that are critical to both team productivity and overall business success.

Culturally-competent communication programs

Namaste offers a unique consulting approach adapted to your team and your needs. We specialize in professional and ethical communication, diversity and inclusion, as well as some of the more difficult issues facing institutions today such as bullying and lateral violence. Our culturally-competent communication programs include both on-site training programs and educational modules that can be adapted to fit your industry and needs. Topics include business communications and client-facing cultural awareness and sensitivity. International business modules can be added to complement global environments. Our modules that focus on improving communication while reducing bullying and lateral violence require on-site instruction and can be tailored to your needs.

Namaste Methods Drive Performance Improvement Through Engagement

Engaging learners and involving them in critical thinking, abstraction, simulation and reflective learning are at the core of our training methodology.

We work with you to design curricula, build training, train your educators, and connect to the platforms and technology that will move your teaching into the future by helping your learners develop expertise in a way that reflects the needs of your institution.

We offer tools proven effective in the military and aerospace industries, but that have been slow to penetrate other markets.

At Namaste, we offer unparalleled experiential and reflective practice solutions including gamification, simulation and debriefing. These tools have proven pivotal in grounding and developing new skills in a real-world environment. From identifying learning opportunities amenable to these tools, the use of applied improvisation, inclusion in curriculum (on line and in-person), and teaching and supporting debriefing and reflective practice; we offer a full suite of truly cutting edge services.

Being a part of your institution means being able to effectively communicate, collaborate, and create safe environments for coworkers and clients.

At Namaste, we know that teaching about diversity and inclusion or talking about team dynamics isn’t going to create real change. We specialize in professional and ethical communication, diversity and inclusion, as well as some of the more difficult issues facing institutions today such as bullying and lateral violence. We know that building bench strength in culturally sensitive communication and building a safe supportive environment doesn’t happen in the classroom. It’s going to happen when real people and teams, and the issues they face are taken into consideration. It’s going to happen when experiences include real-to-life situations and the people your staff interact with every day.

At Namaste, we offer a first-of-its-kind approach where you and your staff experience simulated clients and each other in a safe and supported environment, and a program that can grow with your company and trainers for years to come.

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