The Opioid Crisis: Is Addiction a Medical Error?

Say opioid crisis to anyone and you’ll get a knowing nod. It’s no secret that the problem is escalating while municipalities and governments search for a solution. But what if the problem isn’t as clear-cut as we’d like to believe? Is it possible that the medical community — in an attempt to deliver responsible care — is actually contributing to the problem?

National Public Radio reports on the disturbing case of Katie Herzog, a professional who found herself facing opioid withdrawal symptoms following a post-surgery prescription. Far from pointing fingers, Herzog and NPR use the experience to reveal systemic problems faced by hospitals and surgeons and the resulting lack of support for patients.

Should Hospitals Be Punished For Post-Surgical Patients’ Opioid Addiction is recommended reading. It’s a short article on the NPR website accompanied by a four-minute interview.


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