The Opioid Crisis: Is Addiction a Medical Error?

Say opioid crisis to anyone and you’ll get a knowing nod. It’s no secret that the problem is escalating while municipalities and governments search for a solution. But what if the problem isn’t as clear-cut as we’d like to believe? Is it possible that the medical community — in an attempt to deliver responsible care — is actually contributing to the problem?

National Public Radio reports on the disturbing case of Katie Herzog Continue reading “The Opioid Crisis: Is Addiction a Medical Error?”

The Role of Improvisation in Leadership Training

“Improvisation is practice in being a better human being.” —Kelly Leonard

Good leaders must continuously build proficiency in two key areas: the ability to listen and mindful collaboration. We can demonstrate and assess listening skills in the training environment but how does one teach collaboration? And once taught, what tools can we provide learners to foster further development outside the classroom?  Continue reading “The Role of Improvisation in Leadership Training”

Gamification: Here’s What It Can Do For Your Workplace

Employers have at their disposal a number of methods to bolster employee enagement, motivation, and lead business transformation. One method that’s getting attention lately is workplace gamification.

What is gamification? Broadly speaking, it is the concept of introducing elements of game-play to real life to make situations more fun and engaging.  Continue reading “Gamification: Here’s What It Can Do For Your Workplace”

Leadership Skills in Healthcare

“Across industries, U.S. companies spend $14 billion per year on leadership development, and still, their executives believe that they do not have a sufficient supply of leadership talent to support their growth and strategic ambitions. And nowhere is this shortage felt more acutely than in healthcare.” —Jessica Sweeney-Platt

Healthcare research is catching up with other industries in embracing social skills and team connectedness as foundational elements of leadership.

In this article, The secret of Mayo Clinic’s physician-leader training program,  Mayo Clinic and Athena Healthcare present ground-breaking data that link real-world impact with the development of core skills in leadership and communications. Continue reading “Leadership Skills in Healthcare”

Medical Improv — What is it and Who Benefits?

It’s easy to learn, leverages skills already in use, and quickly demonstrates the value of clear, culturally-capable, mindful communication.

Improvisation (improv) is an experiential learning technique that takes the principles and practices of theater and applies them to communication, interpersonal relations, and approaches in critical thinking.

When Improvisation is applied to the specific skills, situations, and outcomes important to those in the medical field, it is called Medical Improv.

While considered an emerging field, Continue reading “Medical Improv — What is it and Who Benefits?”