Leadership Skills in Healthcare

“Across industries, U.S. companies spend $14 billion per year on leadership development, and still, their executives believe that they do not have a sufficient supply of leadership talent to support their growth and strategic ambitions. And nowhere is this shortage felt more acutely than in healthcare.” —Jessica Sweeney-Platt

Healthcare leadership teamwork communications

Healthcare research is catching up with other industries in embracing social skills and team connectedness as foundational elements of leadership.

In this article, The secret of Mayo Clinic’s physician-leader training program,  Mayo Clinic and Athena Healthcare present ground-breaking data that link real-world impact with the development of core skills in leadership and communications.

“The intent is to build social capital, the trust and interconnectedness of the organization, beyond leadership development itself.” —Steven Swensen, M.D.

In an associated article entitled The Mayo Clinic’s culture of ‘socialism run by Republicans,’ athenahealth’s Jessica Sweeny-Platt asks Stephen Swensen why the culture at Mayo Clinic is so successful. He speaks of co-production and problem solving as a way of focusing on the staff’s needs — a primary concept in culture and leadership development.

Two outstanding features of Mayo’s program are the commitment to include leadership and communication capabilities training throughout curriculum and the depth of its program for developing core strengths in cooperative problem solving and social communication.

To see a dynamic example of how improvisation impacts leadership, see The Role of Improvisation in Leadership Training


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